Open Letter

The Aboriginal Heritage Action Alliance and the undersigned persons and organisations call upon the State Government of WA to immediately:

  • Re-register the world’s oldest and largest collection of rock art – the Burrup Peninsula [Murujuga] and the other sites recently deregistered under the flawed advice of the State Solicitors Office which provided an incorrect interpretation of section of 5b of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972.
  • Abandon the proposed Aboriginal Heritage Act Amendment Bill 2014, which would make it easier to destroy or damage places of significance to Aboriginal people throughout Western Australia.
  • Establish an enquiry to properly review the operation and function of the Aboriginal Heritage Act, review the current functions and operations of WA’s Department of Aboriginal Affairs and the Aboriginal Cultural Materials Committee in relation to the ongoing protection of Aboriginal places of significance, and adequately consult with Aboriginal people on these matters.

To publicly sign on to this letter, comment below with your name and location.

To sign on your organisation, please fill out this quick form.

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