The Vanishing Tribe of the West Kimberley

The Yawijibaya people, reported to be ‘giants of the north’ stood up to 7ft tall and were of superior physical makeup. They lived on the High Cliffy Islands near Montgomery Reef in the West Kimberley, subsisting off the rich marine ecosystem of the area. Soon after this footage was captured in 1929 the tribe of 300 people disappeared without a trace. Another facet of Western Australia’s fascinating history.

NOTE: This footage is shared from ‘Sovereign Union’ Facebook page, original text is posted below. 

One of the tribes that disappeared without trace.

Off the north-west coast of Western Australia is the High Cliffy Islands, home to the Yawijibaya people. Archaeological evidence suggests they have occupied these islands for 7000 years. Anthropologists described them as giants up to 7 ft tall and of superior physical makeup.

Soon after this footage was captured in 1929 the entire tribe consisting of some 300 individuals disappeared. Without a trace.

Research links:
Aboriginal adaptation in Northwest Australia / by Valda J. Blundell.

The stone house structures of high Cliffy Island, North West Kimberley, WA – Sue O’Connor –

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