AHAA Inaugural Meeting

The inaugural meeting of the Aboriginal Heritage Action Alliance was a great success, and we welcomed the varied backgrounds who attended the meeting– Aboriginal representatives, archaeologists, anthropologists, state and federal politicians, environment group reps and lawyers. This has provided us with a good brains trust and shows the spectrum of society who reject the current ( and future proposed) regime of state managed Aboriginal heritage in WA. We are particularly pleased to have had Traditional Owner representation from the Pilbara, Goldfields, Mid West and the Perth region. We are well poised to influence positive change for a regime that recognises the ongoing importance of this landscape to Aboriginal people and wider society.

The AHAA’s inaugural meeting at the Conservation Council in Perth was featured on NITV news on Tuesday night (10 February 2015):

The motions that came out of the inaugural AHAA meeting were:

  • No confidence in the current DAA Executive’s management of Aboriginal cultural heritage in WA.
  • Calls on the State Government to withdraw its current AHA Amendment Bill and for Parliament to establish a Parliamentary Select Committee to properly review the AHA and the administration of Aboriginal heritage in WA, as per previous statements by the KLC & YMAC.
  • This group condemns the lack of Aboriginal representation, and the lack of recognition and respect for Aboriginal traditional lore, culture and custom evidenced in the State Government’s drafting of the AHA Amendment Bill.

Robin Chapple MLC Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region said it was ‘extremely encouraging to see such united grassroots support for the protection of Aboriginal heritage in Western Australia’.

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