The WA Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 is changing

The West Australian government trying to pass the Aboriginal Heritage Act Amendment Bill 2014. The changes have prompted some critical responses from communities of interest (Aboriginal groups, archaeologists, anthropologists, politicians, community members, etc), and there is also a large amount of confusion surrounding the changes. This blog aims at providing a resource of documents, investigations and findings on the legal protection of Aboriginal heritage in WA, and past and current changes.

This information comes from research undertaken by Elizabeth Vaughan as part of her honours dissertation in archaeology at the University of Western Australia. Elizabeth is producing a thesis titled Excavating the Aboriginal Heritage Act: The evolution of heritage protection in Western Australia, 1972-2014. 

This blog is designed to provide a locus of data on the changes to the Aboriginal Heritage Act that is publicly available, with the aim of influencing sensible and practical changes to the Act that will find traction with all users.

Below is a link to statistical information regarding site registration from 2011 to 2014, showing site registration by the Aboriginal Cultural Materials Committee has decreased from 80% to 6% .

trends in sites v non sites 26 nov 2014

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